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Business risk increasing requires broad ranging skills to keep on top of the challenges that are being faced. AIM CRI have been established to support businesses and help manage risk through a range of measures that does not result in additional compliance complexities.
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AIM CRI have market leading analytic software that can be utilised to:

  • Analyse specific issues and present complex information in diagrammatic forms

  • Collate continuous data and information flows that can be used for preventative or predictive risk reporting

  • Provide evidentiary reports to support investigations or complaints

Information Management

The manner in which information is treated is important in the management of risk. The categorisation and verification can be critical to the process of analysing risk. Through the analytics software AIM CRI can provide assurance of the validity of the information, assigning significance and simplify referencing. This information is compliant with security and business protocols specific to each client.

Auditing and Compliance

In support of risk management practices AIM CRI have the auditing capability and regulatory compliance knowledge to assist our clients with risk mitigation processes. Whether it is assessing the performance of systems or supply chain partners we can tailor solutions or apply our own auditing framework.

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