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When confronted with complaints, breaches of compliance or even potentially criminal offences businesses need to be both resilient and responsive. The process of gathering the right information so that the best decisions can be made can be challenging.
AIM CRI will provide the specialist support services to identify, collate, analyse and present the facts so that you can be assured that there is transparency and visibility.


Investigations have become part of business management. It is being able to obtain the best and most reliable information to respond as well as to optimise the decision making process. Whether it is arising from a complaint, an internal concern, or an external disruption to your business AIM CRI have the broad investigative and business skills to conduct interviews, verify details, compile all relevant information and protect evidence.

Verification and Vetting

When making decisions in your business as to who to employ, which businesses can work within your supply chain or even who you wish to work with in the future there is a process of verification and vetting that can be tailored for your needs. It is through this level of information that you can be better positioned to mitigate risk.

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