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Facing the demands of managing business demands significant resource. When the critical incidents arise, quite frequently without notice, having the resource to respond and manage risk can be a challenge. The risk to business  operations is increased when key managers are committed to managing response.
AIM CRI will support your management team, liaise with the relevant agencies and provide extra capacity as needed.

Initial Response

From your supply chain or even clients, your business can be the subject of interest or complaint no matter how effectively you operate. The disruption that can arise from external interference such as crime or internal challenges we will provide the initial response to help with everything from preserving evidence, gathering information, liaising with affected parties and supporting your management team. The high stress urgency can be mitigated when there is additional capability.

Residual Risk

After the initial challenge is managed the implementation of response strategies can require additional resource and some level of independence in the review and recommendations.

AIM CRI provide a practical and independent oversight and will work with you to develop the strategies and implement plan to mitigate any residual risk.

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