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The complexity and burden that has not been linked to compliance has resulted in a myriad of processes, systems and certifications that are a demand on resource for most businesses.

Compliance should be a tool which is used to add value and improve performance.

AIM CRI have established a network of specialists and processes to support our clients in the management of compliance.


Analysis of Supply Chain

AIM CRI have a unique audit tool that operates in a three stage process dependent on the requirements of our clients. You will have the flexibility of tailoring a solution that will allow you to better engage and enhance compliance visibility.

Building capability

AIM CRI offer training and workshops to build better awareness of ethical labour requirements, understanding exploitation and how to respond. Additional training can be provided around specific compliance processes and responding to complaints or reported issues. 

Implementation and Support

AIM CRI have the tools and programmes to implement supply chain compliance systems. This can include entry into the supply chain, maintenance of compliance standards along with the response to non-compliance. Whether delivering the systems for you or helping your business establish the tools needed we offer solutions that best suit your business.  

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