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What makes us


We are specialists who understand the reality of exploitation that exists in New Zealand. 

 After establishing as an investigations business the demand from clients committed to ethical labour practices has enabled AIM CRI to develop the capability and systems to deliver effective solutions.

We understand the reality for most businesses and partner with our clients to add value and support their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Utilising market leading intelligence analytics, audit functions and experienced investigators you will be assured of discreet and reliable services delivering tangible benefit to your business and protection to your brand and reputation.

Cameron Bower

 “I have seen the reality of exploitation in New Zealand and the human cost. I have real sympathy for the challenges that face businesses and established AIM CRI to support our client’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and eliminating exploitation.”


Cameron started AIM in response to a niche in the market. He believes that businesses need to be better supported in the face of the range of compliance responsibilities that are expected.

Cameron was a NZ Police qualified detective, with expertise across a full range of criminal offending and international investigations.

Moving on from this to roles with NZ Immigration he worked with a range of agencies to successfully prosecute offences including people trafficking.


This background highlighted the risk to business reputation where supply chains are not routinely verified and/or audited.

As an experienced investigator he works closely with high profile law firms and various legislative compliance areas including immigration, motor vehicle traders, financial control, criminal activity, etc.

Cameron understands people and is an outstanding interviewer. He is practical, hardworking, and astute which makes

him an asset to our clients.

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Casey Costello

“Businesses are about people and the better we are at supporting the people in your business the stronger your business will be.”

AMI CRI general manager Casey Costello.p

Casey provides the business and security expertise that delivers practical and relevant support. With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement and security functions she provides a wealth of knowledge to our clients.

In addition to high level security management roles Casey has worked in a range of businesses including event and facility management, construction, service and hospitality.

From dealing with employment issues, environmental compliance investigations, notifiable incidents, serious crime, internal fraud, protecting reputation, restructure/change management, business continuity, managing media, and industrial relations, Casey has the experience to support your business and manage the services provided by AIM CRI.  

She appreciates the importance of practical, timely and effective outcomes that minimises business disruption.

Whether it’s supporting your management team, developing systems, or managing services you can be confident that AIM CRI will deliver.

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